Unilever – Knorr S.A. (ULV) is part of the Unilever Group in Greece with a presence of over 40 years in production, catering, storage and commercial activities. Unilever has been systematically and methodically investing in Greece since the end of the 1960s strengthening the labour market as well as the technology and production activities and creating a turnover that furthermore supports the robust growth of hundreds of cooperating companies. As a cornerstone of the supply chain in Greece, UNILEVER-KNORR has one production plant and a wider activity ranging from the supply of raw material to the provision of customer services (End-to-End Supply Chain). This holistic approach of the Greek Supply Chain enables the detailed management of all stages of product production and marketing, focusing on the local market and the specificities and requirements of customers and consumers. As one of the world’s leading consumer product companies, Unilever has deep know-how on the implementation of research, innovation and production methods and techniques that focus on consumer needs. Its strategy aims at sustainable development delivering high-quality products and promoting a positive impact on workers, the environment and societies.

Unilever‘s know-how is based on many years of research and development that goes back to the beginning of the 20th century and covers a wide range of products and technologies. As regards the research, development and production of food carried out in Greece, ULV operates through the food and detergent production plants at Agios Ioannis Rentis.

The food production plant in Agios Ioannis Rentis produces a wide range of dressing products (e.g. mayonnaise, ketchup, mustard, etc.) and syrups, under the brand name HELLMANN’s, and also Homecare detergents such as bleach and fabric-wash liquids. These are leading products in their category and have been standards of quality and nutritional value for consumer for decades.

As part of its global strategy, Unilever has announced stretching targets for increasing the use of recycled plastic in its packaging. The aim is to close the loop of plastic in the supply chain and significantly reduce plastic waste. Using bio-degradable material is full in line with this strategy and commitment.

With regards to the BIOSUPPACK project, ULV will lead the activities of a working package that is dedicated to the validation of novel biobased packaging performance and the assessment of customer acceptance. More specifically ULV will validate the novel biobased packaging materials for food and homecare products and assess customer acceptance. ULV will also support the consortium’s efforts in: i) defining the new biobased packaging specifications, ii) performing safety and sustainability assessments, iii) communicating and disseminating the activities of BIOSUPPACK project and iv) in business modelling and exploitation activities.