BioSupPack will last 58 months and the activities that will be carried out within the scope of the project have been structured in nine work packages (WPs). Prior to their organization, logistical aspects and delays scenarios have been considered in order to make the workplan as realistic as possible.

WP1: New PHA-based products are upscaled from lab to pilot level, introducing plasma technology.

WP2: Demonstration of the prototypes produced in WP1 at large scale.

WP3: End-user acceptance assessment in the homecare, cosmetics, food and beverage sectors.

WP4: Waste value chain management of both input’s materials and newly generated waste.

WP5: Assessment of recycling viability of the new PHA-based packaging products.

WP6: Sustainability assessment.

WP7: Communication and dissemination activities.

WP8: Results Exploitation, business plan, and intellectual property management.

WP9: Project Coordination.