Located in Aranda de Duero, Cerveza Mica is the main brand of the company Pasión del Duero S.L, which makes a very special beer, made with the barley that is grown in Fuentenebro (150 people).

Cerveza Mica makes several types of beers, always trying to incorporate winery processes into the beer process, thus making a very differentiating product. The company has more than 40 international awards in very different places around the world and some of them are for the best beer in the world. In Spain, Mica distributes in the most prestigious supermarkets and has a national capillarity, but it also sells beers in other countries such as Sweden, Norway, France and USA.

Regarding its environment, Cerveza Mica is a highly responsible company: its packaging is made by disabled people, its bagasse (the rest of the barely with which Mica makes beer) is sent back to town to feed the cattle and it is also thanks to the company’s presence that the small towns in the area are kept alive and running.

Cerveza Mica is very proud to be actively present in BioSupPack. To obtain a packaging created through the use of its own bagasse is an important project for Mica and all the more relevant due to the possibility to help many other companies to use their waste responsibly and proactively. Cerveza Mica is currently doing tests with bagasse, creating different kind of beers and volumes in order to check what beers are the most suitable for creating biodegradable plastic and also to verify that the results obtained are independent from the volume and type of beer used.

Mica is also contributing to the logistics, advising on how bagasse should travel and be welcome to the processing plant. It is, in fact, crucial to identify the most convenient moment to collect the bagasse from the different processing plants in order to try to prevent it from fermenting and to make it a real and profitable process.

Since the intention is to actively use the product and make other companies aware of how important it is to use this type of biodegradable products, it is crucial that Mica tests and collaborates in the final product design phase.

The importance of BioSupPack is constantly being stressed by Cerveza Mica both in the press and in relevant meetings and congresses, such as the Round Table on Profitable Exports and Madrid Food Innovation Hub in the Food Design Fest22 recently.