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How to choose between different bio-based polymers? How can Life Cycle Assessments be used to evaluate their ecological sustainability?

BioSupPack World Cafe

Technically, bio-based polymers have become a valid alternative to traditional petroleum-based plastics in packaging. However, the choice between different bio-based polymers is often still a big question for the industry to address. Another question is related to their ecological sustainability.

The Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) is a tool that can help quantify the potential environmental impacts along the entire life cycle of a packaging product. LCA can help the industry perform an objective, evidence-based ecological comparison between packaging alternatives and pave the way for more sustainable decisions.

But what are the challenges when performing an LCA, especially on bio-based polymers, for packaging products? And how can these challenges be overcome?

This workshop is an opportunity for you to access the latest insights on research and discuss with the BioSupPack project’s experts in a world café format.


  • Welcome and setting the framework
  • Sustainability assessment for bio-based polymers, and Polyhydroxyalkanoates (PHA) more specifically, with a focus on Life Cycle Assessment
  • Discussion: What are the challenges on sustainability assessments for bio-based polymers and how can they be overcome?
  • Wrap up


  • Sustainable Packaging Institute (SPI) at Albstadt-Sigmaringen University (ASU): Mara Strenger, Elisa Uhlig, and Anna Sadzik.
  • European Bioplastics: Chiara Bearzotti and Estela López-Hermoso


If you have any questions in advance of the meeting, please contact Chiara Bearzotti at euprojects@european-bioplastics.org

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