Which challenges is BioSupPack addressing?

1. The increasing use of bioplastics in the packaging sector is driven by the continuous demand for sustainable products by consumers and brands alike, due to a growing awareness of the environmental impact and the need to reduce the fossil resources dependency. The bioplastics industry’s continuous innovations make the number of manufacturers, converters and end-users increasing steadily. New and innovative biopolymers such as polyhydroxyalkanoates (PHAs) show a very high relative growth rate. Novel ways of producing PHAs are going to be of great importance in the next few years. One of the challenges is to source PHA from 2nd or 3rd generation rawmaterials instead of raw sugars and plant oils of 1st generation.

2. The use of by-products for PHA production, have yet to reach an industrial level of market potential related to a value hierarchy. BioSupPack is going to focus on brew spent grains (BSG), the most abundant by-product from the brewery industry , available at low or no cost and produced in large quantities.