The 9th edition of Pollination Days, held on 17th and 18th November, was dedicated to sustainability and innovation, recycling, regeneration and social responsibility. Organized by Logoplaste, the event focused on Sustainable Innovation, ranging from the Wall to Wall benefits to Mission Zero, creating carbon neutral, regenerative plants and more, Packaging EcoSystem – what it encompasses and how to move forward –,  the future of recycling and challenges recyclers face, world economic overview tied to sustainability, plastic sorting innovation, the connected bottle concept and the US roadmap for a Plastic Pact.

Designing and producing in-house unique and innovative plastic packaging that reduces CO2 emissions, Logoplaste creates a positive impact by:
• being fully recyclable and integrating into the existing recycling streams;
• incorporating recycled content;
• eliminating waste to landfill;
• fulfilling product requirements and exceeding consumer’s expectations.

During this online edition of Pollination Days, Logoplaste‘s vision for the future of the circular economy and the sustainability of the plastic packaging industry was shared, in which bioplastics will play their role. The increasing use of bioplastics in the packaging sector is, in fact, driven by the continuous demand for sustainable products by consumers and brands alike, due to a growing awareness of the environmental impact and the need to reduce the fossil resources dependency. The bioplastics industry’s continuous innovations make the number of manufacturers, converters and end-users increasing steadily. Sustainable alternatives to petroleum-based plastics, on the other hand, have the flaw of being, on average, more expensive than traditional plastic, and less performing or versatile.

In this perspective, it was presented Logoplaste’s role in BioSupPack, which consists in assuring the integration of the Bio-material produced by the Consortium from waste stream using Biotechnology, into food contact materials by the production of containers by EBM* Technology. Logoplaste Innovation Lab, with its extensive experience in developing innovative packaging solutions, will provide input on feasible market solutions, restriction and packaging requirements.

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