BioSupPack will participate to the 16th European Bioplastics (EUBP) Conference, Europe’s leading business and networking event for the biopolymer industry, that will take place on 30 November and 1 December 2021. During the two-day conference BioSupPack’s will present its latest developments and introduce its innovative, safe and environmentally sustainable PHA-based rigid packaging solutions.

“At EUBP, we are very happy to hold this year’s conference in Berlin again. The varied programme, including an impressive speaker line-up, will bring everyone up to speed by sharing the latest developments and market insights in bioplastics”, says Hasso von Pogrell, EUBP’s Managing Director. The conference’s hybrid format will also enable attendees to join the event online.

The role of bio-based plastics in tackling fossil carbon dependency and the importance of biodegradables and compostables in recovering organic waste are becoming increasingly well understood across the EU Member States. Delivery on the European Green Deal, including climate neutrality and a circular economy mean innovative new solutions are increasingly in demand. Therefore, these discussions, which take a closer look at the many different aspects of the bioplastics industry, are timely. The speaker line-up showcases just how high up bioplastics are on the agenda of brands, manufacturers, and policy makers.

Attendees of the 16th EUBP conference will also be welcome to participate in sessions on new opportunities for compostable plastics and biodegradable plastics in the open environment as well as on industry leaders’ perspectives on bioplastics and on bioplastics in packaging. In keeping with tradition, we will also publish the new Bioplastic Market Data 2021. How did the bioplastics industry perform this year and what further developments can be expected? Further sessions will focus on new and alternative paths for bioplastics and future and trend applications for bioplastics.

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